4sight Connect

Low Latency Market Connectivity

4sight Connect is used by some of the world's largest financial institutions to simplify their connectivity needs.

Connect is a low latency market connectivity platform that offers a consistent interface between your trading systems and financial exchanges. It enables you to quickly connect your systems to any financial market.

Unlike other solutions, 4sight Connect simply offers connectivity so is ideal if you wish to connect an existing OMS or any other trading system to an exchange.

4sight Connect Features

  • Interactive messaging and high volume data feeds across all major markets
  • A single consistent API
  • Sub millisecond latency
  • Reliable and flexible message routing
  • Hot standby solution with seamless failover


  • Shield the client applications from the complexities of the target markets
  • Protect trading systems from changes to exchanges' APIs
  • High reliability during times of market volatility
  • Easier maintenance of connections

Further Information

View the 4sight Connect Product Brochure or Contact Us for further details.

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