Complementary Modules & Interfaces

The 4sight Securities Finance and Collateral Management systems offer a range of complementary modules that add further business benefits. New customers often choose to start off with a baseline system.

They then roll out additional elements such as web reporting and workflow management using a phased approach until they have a full solution. 4sight offers the following complementary modules and interfaces:

Balance Sheet Usage Analysis

Analyse balance sheet usage (BSU) for securities lending and repo trades using configurable netting rules, including the International Financial Reporting Standard(IFRS) framework. Read More

Cash Netting Module

Reduce settlement costs through a rule based netting process.

Corporate Actions Processing Modules

The 4sight Corporate Actions processing modules provide automated processing of a wide variety of corporate actions types.

Recalls Module

Automate management of the recalls process, saving time and improving relationships with clients and counterparties.

Risk Weighted Asset Calculator

Analyse RWA, capital requirements and cost of capital at multiple levels of the firm's trading activities. Read More

SWIFT Module

A built-in SWIFT module that creates and receives, in real-time, a wide range of ISO15022 standard SWIFT messages for securities lending, repo and collateral. The 4sight SWIFT module also offers a trade workflow window that provides alerts on failed settlements, user cancels and cut off times.

Web Reporting Module

Create custom reports and send them out in automated scheduled emails. Improve transparency by giving your clients access to run their own reports.

Workflow Management Module

View day-to-day tasks and organise your workload. You can set automatic alerts of key events and managers can manage the workflow of their staff.


4sight's Securities Finance and Collateral Management solutions interface with a wide variety of third party platforms including:

  • EquiLend
  • Pirum
  • Loanet
  • Market Data Providers
  • Markit (Data Explorers)

Further Information

Please Contact Us for further details of any of the 4sight Securities Finance and Collateral Management system modules or interfaces.

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