4sight Settlement

Institutional Settlement and Accounting Software

Global organizations seeking a state of the art international and UK settlement and accounting system that addresses the complexities of the global marketplace need look no further than 4sight Settlement.

4sight Settlement Features

  • Exception based processing with proactive alerts and escalation, plus drill down capabilities
  • Interfaces to a wide range of external parties such as clearing house, exchanges and confirmation networks including OASYS, SWIFT, CREST
  • Proprietary and agency trading
  • Extended stock and cash management facilities
  • Online update of proprietary book positions and calculation of associated profit and loss
  • Holiday calendars, working weeks and user-definable charges can be set for individual markets


  • Streamlined operations & greater efficiency
  • Rules based processing replaces manual intervention for straight through processing
  • Proven architecture facilitates increased volumes
  • Simplified access and maintenance of information

Further Information

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